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As our globe starts to heat up once again, the snow and ice will soon melt away. Many of us are more than ready for the sun’s warmth once again, and the long awaited warm weather will spark many outdoor activities. Family get-togethers, backyard BBQ’s or simply quiet relaxation all go great with a backyard swimming pool. This is why each year tens of thousands of above ground swimming pools​ are purchased and installed in backyards all across this country.​ ​Let’s briefly review the basic difference between type of above ground pools and rate them as we go.

Cheap Above Ground Pools

Inflatable​ swimming pools from Walmart and other big box stores are cheap not only in price but in quality. Made overseas, these are the worst pools you can purchase in terms of value and longevity. These models typically last only one summer and than are disposed of. The unbelievably poor filtration system makes keeping the pool water clean and healthy nearly an impossible task, while poor build materials ensure a short lifespan. Most everyone that purchases a traditional steel above ground pool purchased one of these models prior and regretted it. Although the price is low, Intex pools are not worth the trouble. Remember, you get what you pay for!! On a scale on 1-10, I would rate these Intex pools a 2.

Hard Side Above Ground Pools

Next up is hard side or traditional above ground pools, but these are the ones made overseas. The imported pools often look like any other above ground pool, but there is a huge difference in quality that most people are unaware of. With import hard sided above ground pools, the wall and pool structure are thin and flimsy. Not only is the build material inferior, they are usually just painted metal and no galanizing or rust proofing measure taken. These models are often paired with undersized or sub-par filter systems and ladders. They may look the part at first glance, but a keen eye will spot these imposters.

Although much better than the inflatable pool models, import pools do not last very long and are priced close to the higher quality American made pools. Dealers rarely disclose the origin of these models as imported goods are generally considered low quality by the public. These models may last 5 years at best. This is hardly a deal when a true quality pool will last four times as long for little to no additional money. Always ask where the pools are made. On a scale on 1-10, I would rate imported hard wall pools a 5.

Best Above Ground Pools

Finally we have the American made hard side above ground pools. These pools are a sound investment and thicker steel and galvanized metals prevent rust or corrosion. Prices very compatible to the import pools, American made pools like the models we offer usually last 20 years in the average backyard, with the resin hybrid models lasting even longer. Like any pool package, make sure to get a proper sized American made filtration system and heavy duty liner. This will make for a low maintenance long lasting swimming pool. After all enjoyment and relaxation are what you are after. Remember to shop smart and you will be rewarded. I would rate American made metal sided pools a 10.

Cheap Above Ground Pool

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