The Best Pool Floor Pad – Armor Shield

Best Pool Floor Pad

The Best Pool Floor Pad – Armor Shield


It’s that time of year again when swimming pools all over the country are being cleaned up and prepared for summer time fun. Early Spring is a time when many above ground pools get their makeover. This often consists of a new swimming pool liner and accessories like pool cove, wall foam and even a new skimmer. But the one item that gets a lot of attention is pool floor pad.

What Is Pool Floor Pad?

Pool floor pad is simply a material that is placed on the ground under a pool liner to create a padding effect or protect the pool liner from puncture. This is done during the process of building the swimming pool or at the time of relining an existing above ground pool. This is never a bad idea and will keep your new pool liner safe from unwanted puncture. But pool floor padding can be made of different materials, some good and some very bad, so we will briefly discuss what to lookout for.

Any material placed under an above ground pool liner must allow moisture or condensation to pass through it. Materials like wood, plastic sheeting, Styrofoam, roofing paper and so forth do not allow the transfer of moisture and will cause premature rust to develop. Avoid using these materials under your pool.

There are other materials like carpets or cloth that do allow moisture to escape, but these materials will rot, smell bad and dissipate over time. Aside from that, these items cannot stop intrusion from bugs, beetles groundhogs or moles. It is wise to avoid these as well.

What Should I Use Under My Pool Liner?

The only material worth putting under an above ground pool liner by far is Armor Shield or Gorilla Pad. I prefer Armor Shield because when purchasing a new swimming pool liner and Armor Shield together, the Armor Shield pool pad extends the pool liners warranty and the Gorilla Pad does not. This is because the makers of the liner also produce the Armor Shield.

But both materials are nearly identical and very effective at stop punctures by sharp objects under the liner and stopping critters from making a mess of your expensive pool liner. These materials are breathable, impervious to bugs, extremely tough and will not rot over time. These products get my vote for what is best to put under any above ground pool liner.

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