Buying Tips On How To Purchase Cheap Above Ground Pools

‚ÄčEach year at Pools Above Ground we get thousands of customers looking for “cheap above ground pools”. We want to help clear up the differences between cheap and inexpensive and point out what consumers need to lookout for. With these simple guidelines anyone should be able to select the best value for their budget and avoid an financial misstep. This Spanish saying says it best.”Lo barato cuesta caro”. What is cheap is the most costly.

Let me start by saying I believe that most people are looking for an inexpensive pool that is still of good quality and not the least expensive pool on the market. There are still many individuals looking to spend only a few hundred dollars for a swimming pool and for those people Walmart is the answer. However these type pools typically last only a season or two and will need to replaced. Not only does this become repetitious, but keeping the pool clean is near impossible. The enjoyment associated with these type pools is very low.

I am not going to spend any more time on these pools as I believe the majority of you understand what you are getting for your money here. I am going to highlight the key points of the hard wall swimming pools and point out the differences between them helping you select what works best for your budget.

Pool Model Comparisons

Lets take the pool structure itself first. American made swimming pool brands like Wilbar, Sharkline and others use much higher quality materials for the pools construction. The steel is higher quality and it is also thicker. This is confirmed by the weight of the pool itself. A typical pool wall for a 24 foot American made above ground pool is about 50 more pounds then the average compared to the overseas or imported model. This is a very significant difference. The additional thickness and quality make the pool much more resistant to the elements and last much longer. I can say the lack of metal treatments and inferior materials make the import pools last but only a few years.
When you consider sells an American made above ground swimming pools for the same price or less than its Chinese counterparts, you can clearly see the value in purchasing a U.S. made product.

Because no dealer is proud to sell an imported pool, you rarely see the makers name displayed. It is very important to determine the origin. Don’t be fooled by tropical or American sounding names. Rule #1 Ask where it’s made.

Other Key Considerations

Second on the list is the filter system. Most cheap above ground pool kits also use cheap or imported pool filter systems. The primary reason for this is cost, but just like the pool you have options. A good pool dealer will offer you a quality American made filter system These are much better not only because of build quality but from a warranty standpoint and parts availability. Just try to purchase parts in the future for some no name filter system and see how successful you are.
A cheap pool filter system also does a poor job of filtering the pool water. This means the water is dirty or green and hard to keep clear. That added aggravation you can do without. A swimming pool is about enjoyment not additional work. If you are unfamiliar with pool pumps and filter system brands refer to rule #1. Rule #1 Ask where it’s made.

One other consideration is the pool liner and pool ladder or entry system. When selecting a pool liner, go for the thicker material. 25 is always thicker than 20. Thicker liner typically last longer and are more resistant to puncture. This brings us to the pool steps or ladder. Again American made outshines the imported versions every time. The plastics are thicker and seem to be of higher quality.

Total Costs Involved

This brings us to one last thing to consider in you search for the best pool for your hard earned money and that is total cost. When shopping price for a pool remember to include taxes if applicable, shipping and any other additional unforeseen expenses. One thing to note about shipping, ask if it is residential lift gate delivery. This means they bring the pool to your house and take it off the truck for you. Many dealers offer free shipping but this can be tricky too. Free shipping can mean that the pool is delivered for free to the nearest freight terminal and you must pick it up from there. Free shipping can also mean that it is delivered to your house but you and friends must unload the pool yourselves. This can be a daunting task as some pool kits may weight 1200lbs or more with the average pool kit weighing around 700lbs.


As you can see, doing a little homework and purchasing a swimming pool from a knowledgeable dealer, you can get what you are truly looking for and have years of enjoyment for not all that much money.

What To Look For When Buying Tips For Above Ground Pools Orlando Dealer

What To Look For When Buying Above Ground Pools

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