Deep End & Deep Middle Above Ground Pools

The topic of putting a deep end in an above ground swimming pool is one that will never die. Many of us want the additional water depth that the deep end offers, but there are some very important facts that you should know before purchasing your next swimming pool. We are going to discuss what a deep end or deep middle is and what to look for when purchasing an above ground pool for this purpose.

What is A Deep End Pool?

A deep end or deep center in an above ground pool is simply an area dug out in the earth to add up to an additional 2 feet of water depth to an above ground pool. A deep end or middle can be of varying depths or size depending on your preference. But not all above ground pools are candidates for this upgrade.

What Pools Can I Add A Deep Center Or Deep End To?

Most all round above ground pools will work for the deep center upgrade. This is possible because there is no frame structure or metal components that cross through the center of the pool, leaving the entire pool floor open to modification. Digging a deep center or deep middle is the most common way to add water depth to a round above ground pools. On round pools the floor slopes downward gradually toward the center point of the pool. This center point can be dug out up to 2 feet when used with an expandable pool liner.

Deep Ends On Oval Above Ground Pools

Adding addition water depth to an oval above ground pool is a completely different animal. This is because oval shaped pools have metal straps or braces that cross through the center of the pool. These straps tie the two straight sides of the pool together, ensuring that the pool keeps it’s oval shape. These straps are designed to give the frame support and cannot be left out during installation. Removing or deleting one or more of these straps can result in serious pool damage and is highly discouraged. Modifying any above ground pool likely will void all warranties!

But Wait!

It is possible to have an oval pool with a deep end if it is a pool model without buttress straps. Most pool makes have straps running across the center, but there are a few companies that offer strapless oval pool models. There is an up-charge for this option, however it is only about an extra $500.00. This is a bargain for the ability to bury your pool into the earth and have a 6 foot deep end. Best of all this is all covered under factory warranty!!
IMPORTANT: If your intent is to have a deep end in your oval pool, you must purchase a strapless oval pool. Be sure to ask your dealer if the pool has straps, if it does a true deep end is not possible!

Pools Above Ground Offers Deep End Oval Above Ground Pools

Pools Above Ground now offers strapless oval pools capable of having a deep end. If you are interested in this option but do not see them listed yet on our website, please call 866 534 9725 for personal assistance. They are available now!!

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