Dogs And Above Ground Pools

There are many dog lovers among us pool owners. Our beloved pets are dear to our hearts and are treated just like family members. Dogs love to be around us and love to be outside when we are. When we play in the pool many dogs like to follow, which leads us to one of the most popular inquiries we receive. Can my dog go into my above ground pool?

The answer is maybe, as this really depends on the type of above ground pool you have, accessories that go with it and your dog. We are going to cover the best types of pools as well as preventative measures to reduce the risk of pet related damage.

Best Above Ground Pools

First up is the pool itself and the best above ground pools are hard side pools.  this style pool fares much better that soft sided or Intex type pools. Blow-up pool models tend to only last about a year even without pets entering the pool. This is primarily because of poor quality materials they are made from and bad design. The blow up ring around the top is very susceptible to puncture and is often damaged by racoons, squirrels and other critters that may climb up onto the pool uninvited. Their small and sharp claws have no trouble penetrating this soft thin material causing it to deflate.

Second big issue when it come to the pool is the water depth. If a pool is deep than dogs cannot reach the bottom and his claws are less likely to puncture the vinyl leaving only the pool sides to be concerned about. I would highly recommend having deep enough pool to prevent any mishaps.

Pool Steps

Another big consideration when making a pool dog friendly is the pool entry system. After a dog or pet enters the pool they will swim in circles or scratch at the sides if they have nowhere to go. It is important to have a large steps inside the pool so that our little buddy will have a place to rest and a safe place to exit. Pool ladders and steep pool steps are often insufficient for many breeds, so look for something your dog could use easily and safely. Most all current pool steps are constructed of hard plastic materials and are unaffected by claws.

Man’s Best Friend

Dogs and other swimming pets come in all shapes and sizes. Small breeds have less strength and typically do less damage but their claws are often sharper. Best defense is to keep their claws trimmed and take the time to teach them how and where to enter and exit the pool as we wouldn’t want anything to happen to our little friends. Once they are familiar with the steps and are comfortable with their new water environment, they will enjoy the pool as much as you do.


Remember, pool liners are much tougher than you may think. They are capable of stretching quite far and are fairly puncture resistant, but occasionally pool liners do get holes in them. This is nothing to worry about as a simple pool patch kit will remedy a leaky liner in under a minute. These vinyl repair kits can be used underwater and are very cheap insurance at under $20.00. A single patch kits come with enough material to make dozens of pool liner repairs.

As you can see, vinyl liner swimming pools and dogs can exist together in harmony. By selecting the right pool and taking a few precautions, your entire family including the dog will enjoy this summer’s backyard activities.

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