Enhance Your Landscaping With a Wood Swimming Pool

Beautiful natural wood swimming pools can quickly enhance your backyard landscaping.

As you can see, a wooden above ground pool can enhance your backyard landscaping and then you can add a stone patio or wood deck, as well as a few potted plants and you will have yourself an oasis.

Wooden Swimming Pools

Are Above Ground Pools Economical?

Above ground pools are more economical than in-ground pools for a couple of reasons:

1. You do not have to excavate an area of the yard for the pool; you only need to level the ground
2. Above ground, pools cost less because you do not have to pour concrete to form the pool bottom and sides

With above-ground wooden swimming pools, the sides are made from natural wood such as red or yellow pine, held together with resin, and 1 or 2 hoops to make it strong and durable.

Then you have the liner that goes into the wooden pool to hold the water.

Are Wooden Pools Versatile In Shape & Size?

Wood Pools are versatile in both shape and size.

Round wooden pools run 10 to 26 feet wide and 52 inches deep, but there is also the option of an oval shape that runs 10×22 to 15×31 feet wide and 52 inches deep.

Of course, there is at all times an option of partial above and in-ground pool where there is an area that is deeper than that of the above ground area.

Efficiently Landscape Around The Pool Area

When it comes to above ground wooden pools, it is easy to landscape around them to make a beautiful retreat for your family.

The elegant wood makes the rest of the landscaping a breeze where you merely have to choose mulch or stone and what flowers you wish to place in pots.

You can add a beautiful paver patio or a deck done of wood, or a combination of both which you can place your patio furniture and table with a beautiful umbrella to provide some shade.

Remember to get your accessories as well; cover, ladder, lights, cleaning tools, and chemicals to complete your swimming pool kit.

When It Comes To Your Maintenance

Remember, when it comes to keeping it, it is essential that you keep your water in balance with the pool chemicals.

It is essential to keep the water in balance to maintain your pool liner and help it last the full lifespan so follow the directions carefully and test frequently.

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