Four Fun Pool Activities to Enjoy on Your Above the Ground Pool

Swimming is one of the most fun parts of summer. Not only is it great exercise, but it also brings the entire family – and our friends – together for a memorable get-together or party. However, having a pool is much more than doing the backstroke and the doggy paddle. There are several excellent pool games to help you get the most out of your above ground pool.

Marco Polo

The first game on this list is a classic: Marco Polo- named after the 13th-century Italian adventurer, this game is a tradition for every pool party. You can play with only a pair of people, but it’s much better – and more fun – when the entire squad joins in. One person closes their eyes while shouting “Marco,” while the other players yell “polo!” but try not to be tagged. If you are tagged, you are Marco.

Chicken Fight

As long as you don’t get extremely competitive, Chicken Fight is a great pool game. Four players are the best group for this game, with two pairs in which one rides on the others’ shoulders. The objective of the contest is for the person on top to knock the other head into the water. Whether you can scratch or pull hair rests in your own set of rules, but generally, it is known as water wrestling. Be careful, and remember it is just a game.

Handstand Contest

Not everyone is excellent at handstands – but a handstand contest is still an accessible and fun pool activity. This game is relatively easy – if you can do a handstand. Each player will attempt to do a handstand underwater, and the last person to come for air is the winner. Don’t hurt yourself winning this game, but it is a great challenge. It takes incredible arm strength to excel at this party game.

Diving for Treasure

Another fun pool activity is to ‘dive for treasure.’ These can be pennies, small toys, and anything that can sink. Be concerned with the use of rocks, especially with above ground pools, as any sharp edges can rip at the bottom. Toss the treasure to the bottom, and it becomes a race to see who can find the trinkets at the bottom of the pool first. Googles are a must-have for this pool game.

Pool games can be a traditional activity, or something made up on the spot, as long as you have fun with friends and family. Investing in an above ground pool is a great way to gather your loved ones for a fun afternoon in the sun. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

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