Overlap Pool Liners For Above Ground Pools

Every swim season many above ground pool owners are faced with the replacement of their vinyl pool liners. The first step in this process is ordering the correct liner for your pool. Aside from knowing the size of the pool liner needed, knowing the correct attachment method is also required.

What Is An Overlap Pool Liner

Overlap pool liners are easy to spot. The pool liner climbs up the wall on the inside, goes up and over the wall and hangs down on the outside of the pool. This excess overhangingĀ  material is usually 4″-8″ long. All other attachment methods do not hang down on the outside of the pool like this.

Cheap Pool Liners

Above ground pool liners can attach to the top of the swimming pool in several different ways, and the most common type used is the overlap pool liner. Overlap pool liners are common because of their price. They are basic in design and have no finished edge or end of the liner. Overlap pool liners are often without print or design, although many prints are available. The reasons listed above and the fact that most are produced from thinner material, all make the overlap an inexpensive or cheap replacement pool liner.

Overlap Liners Are Built Tough

Now after reading the first paragraph you may start to think that an overlap liner is an inferior product or cheap pool liner, but the print or edge of the liner really doesn’t matter in regards to liner longevity. If installed correctly and made of the thicker material, overlap liners will last just as long as any other pool liner and are just as tough.

Expandable Overlap Pool Liners

Expandable liners are always overlaps. This is because expandable liners conform to different shaped pool bottoms and different depths. Their versatility to work with any pool means varying amounts of material overlapping after installation. Excess liner material is simply cut away with a razor blade to give a uniform finished appearance.

Expandable pool liners are used when a pool receives a deep center, a deep middle or a deep end. These are just names given to pools that have had earth removed from the pool floor during installation, creating a void or crater in the bottom of the pool. This expanded swimming area can be up to 2 feet deeper, making the swimming pool up to 6 feet deep in total.

With the new heavy duty expandable liners we carry from Doughboy, you can now have your above ground pool up to 7+ feet deep. We stock Doughboy pool liners for all popular size pools, both round and oval. These pool liners are seriously durable and are known to last 20 years!!

Above Ground Deep End Pools Expandable Liner

Above Ground Deep End Pools Expandable Liner

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