In Or Out: Mesh Versus Solid Pool Covers

In Or Out: Mesh Versus Solid Pool Covers
An above ground swimming pool can be an incredible investment. While there is a lot that goes into installing and caring for your homes’ above ground swimming pool, there is much to be taken from fun summer memories and an added family gathering place. It is why you have to invest in the most critical above ground swimming pool accessory: the pool cover. While pool covers come in several varieties, there are two primary types, mesh, and solid covers.

Quality swimming pool covers have several advantages. One of the top causes of loss of pool water is evaporation, and a pool cover will keep this to a minimum. When you routinely use a swimming pool cover when the pool is not used, you prevent unnecessary loss of water and can save several hundreds of gallons over the swimming season – mainly if you live in a warm place such as Arizona and California.

Woman Poolside

Swimming pool covers also keep out dirt and debris, which can keep maintenance – a timely and financial cost – down. Because of routine support, it is essential to decide whether you want a mesh or solid cover and weigh the advantages of each.

Mesh swimming pool covers are extraordinarily lightweight and can last for well over a decade. They are said to be the most manageable type of swimming pool cover and can support between hundreds of pounds. While mesh covers allow some debris in, they were created to prevent water from collecting on top of the cover. Some trash gets in, but the woven design is tight enough to avoid significant debris from getting into the pool.

Solid pool covers do not let as much light into the swimming pool as mesh swimming pool covers do. A solid pool cover will block all light from entering the pool, which actively prevents the growth of algae and prevents evaporation. One of the disadvantages of solid pool covers is that often water will collect on the top and this will not only cause damage to the cover, but the accumulation can be a drowning hazard.

When you close your above ground swimming pool for the winter or cold season, you will need a winter pool cover. These enormously high-quality covers come in both mesh and solid types. Winter pool covers kind of pool cover is more heavy-duty than a typical pool cover and can keep your pool safe and clean during the off-season. A winter cover can handle the weight of melted snow and ice that gathers on its surface. However, if you want to avoid this accumulation, mesh winter pool covers are another option that can carry just as much weight.

Even inground winter pool covers are going to be strong enough to handle the weight of both your children and pets, and that is why this type of protection is also known for its safety features. Both mesh and solid covers have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is essential that you make the best choice for your swimming pool.

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Feb. 3, 2018

Is Your Vinyl Pool Liner Out of Shape?

Is your above ground pool liner out of shape?

No, I do not mean it gained weight; but is it looking old?

Signs Your Pool Liner Is Distressed

Have you found minor cracks?

What about leaks, are you noticing that water does not seem to stay in the pool?

Is it faded?

These are signs that your pool liner may be in need of changing.

Swimming Pool Liner

How Long Do Pool Liners Last?

The average lifespan of a vinyl swimming pool liner is 8 to 12 years.

Many people go with what they find pleasing to the eye when deciding on a liner. However, that is not always a good idea.

The higher gauge the vinyl is, the better quality and more it cost, however, the better quality, the longer it will last if it is adequately maintained.

Pool liners like most other things require care and maintenance; if you take care of it, you will most likely get 12 years from your liner.

Taking proper care of a pool liner requires that you test the water and maintain the appropriate balance.

Do Patches Work?

Patches can help as long as your liner is not at the end of its lifespan and it depends on where the piece needs to be placed.

You find a small tear or tiny hole in your liner; it is possible to patch it, especially if your liner is only a few years old.

However, if your liner is 7 or 8 years old, it is best that you replace the liner.

Types Of Liners For Above Ground Pools

There are four types of pool liners available to choose from;

• Overlap pool liners go inside the pool, hang over the edge, very simple to install
• Uni-bead pool liners hook into the top of the pool sides

Expandable Pool Liner

Expandable pool liners great for tall pools also conform to any shape and can allow up to 3 feet of extra water depth
• Beaded pool liners snap into the track along the top edges of the pool walls

If you wish to have some extra water depth or a distinct shape of above ground pool, then the expandable liner is the one you want.

Make sure to get the heavier gauge for the added strength and more protection against roots or rocks you may not see when you set up your pool.

An accessory that can help keep your liner in good shape is a footbath that will hold sand, tiny stones and sharp things like mulch out of your swimming pool.

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Jan. 30, 2018

Enhance Your Landscaping With a Wood Swimming Pool

Beautiful natural wood swimming pools can quickly enhance your backyard landscaping.

As you can see, a wooden above ground pool can enhance your backyard landscaping and then you can add a stone patio or wood deck, as well as a few potted plants and you will have yourself an oasis.

Wooden Swimming Pools

Are Above Ground Pools Economical?

Above ground pools are more economical than in-ground pools for a couple of reasons:

1. You do not have to excavate an area of the yard for the pool; you only need to level the ground
2. Above ground, pools cost less because you do not have to pour concrete to form the pool bottom and sides

With above-ground wooden swimming pools, the sides are made from natural wood such as red or yellow pine, held together with resin, and 1 or 2 hoops to make it strong and durable.

Then you have the liner that goes into the wooden pool to hold the water.

Are Wooden Pools Versatile In Shape & Size?

Wood Pools are versatile in both shape and size.

Round wooden pools run 10 to 26 feet wide and 52 inches deep, but there is also the option of an oval shape that runs 10×22 to 15×31 feet wide and 52 inches deep.

Of course, there is at all times an option of partial above and in-ground pool where there is an area that is deeper than that of the above ground area.

Efficiently Landscape Around The Pool Area

When it comes to above ground wooden pools, it is easy to landscape around them to make a beautiful retreat for your family.

The elegant wood makes the rest of the landscaping a breeze where you merely have to choose mulch or stone and what flowers you wish to place in pots.

You can add a beautiful paver patio or a deck done of wood, or a combination of both which you can place your patio furniture and table with a beautiful umbrella to provide some shade.

Remember to get your accessories as well; cover, ladder, lights, cleaning tools, and chemicals to complete your swimming pool kit.

When It Comes To Your Maintenance

Remember, when it comes to keeping it, it is essential that you keep your water in balance with the pool chemicals.

It is essential to keep the water in balance to maintain your pool liner and help it last the full lifespan so follow the directions carefully and test frequently.

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Jan. 26, 2018

How to Choose the Best Above Ground Pool Filtration System

The filter of your above ground pool is charged with a hefty task of removing debris and particles from your pool. A swimming pool filter is an important aspect that does require some thought. Many aren’t aware that there are different types of filters or even if some are better than the others. Each has their own set of benefits. One thing is for sure, pool filters are a necessary part of maintaining a healthy good looking pool.

Sand Filters
Sand Filters
Sand filters have been the oldest form of pool filtration used in above ground pools. One of the reasons pool owners love sand filter system kits is because of cost and reliability. Sand filters are the cheapest option for maintaining a cleaner pool. How sand filters work is also quite simple. Pool water will enter the filter trap and it will wash over the sand. The sand will then absorb debris and oils, and water will return to the pool. There aren’t many negatives associated with this option, other than overtime sand can start to seep out. The sand filters design is also more complicated than the cartridge option. It is time to replace the sand filter when sand particles begin to venture into your pool.

Cartridge Filters

If you are looking for a pool filter that is easy to install and that does maximum amounts of debris of your pool, then a cartridge filter will be for you. These are a little more expensive than sand filters, but do an excellent job removing insects, algae, and dirt from the pool. As with the sand filters, cartridge filters will allow water in and remove anything that isn’t clean healthy water, and let it flow back. The most prominent disadvantage pool owners find when using a cartridge filter is they need to be cleaned every week or two to maintain optimal performance.
Filtration Systems
These filters are also the best choice for smaller pools. If you need a complete setup or just a screen, Pools Above Ground offers both filter systems and kits. The pool filter system kits are complete with everything you need to get started including:

    Filter Body Mounting
    Platform Base
    Hoses, Clamps, and Fittings

What if I Own a Saltwater Above Ground Pool?

Saltwater pool systems are a little more complicated than the standard pools but also offer many benefits that regular above ground pools do not. For instance, their maintenance cost is less expensive after the initial purchase. The typical sand and cartridge type filters aren’t designed for saltwater pools; they use their saltwater filtration system. Since water is pumped through an electrolytic cell for filtration, it works differently than sand or cartridge filters. Salt mixes with an electrode charge to produce the best quality chlorine. Replacements for this part is expensive, but they can last 3 to 5 years without problems.

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Jan. 19, 2018

The Importance of an Above Ground Pool Liner

Swimming pool liners are one of the most vital accessories that pool owners will initially purchase for their pool. Especially for above ground swimming pools, pool liners can genuinely set a pool apart from the rest – as well as affect the overall performance of the swimming pool. While there are several essential tools for care and maintenance of an above ground pool, your pool’s liner is a particularly significant decision as it also affects the structure of the pool itself.

When you get ready to purchase a liner for your above ground swimming pool, you must measure your swimming pool first. The importance of a fitting, secure pool liner is in the liner’s protective aspects. If a pool liner does not fit, it can be deemed useless and is frankly a waste of both money and time. Not all liners are not capable of stretching to fit swimming pools, so taking the time to know the exact size of your pool.

Swimming Pool Liners

It is not only essential to know the advantages of above ground pool liners, but of each type. There are four primary types of swimming pool liners for above ground pools. These include overlap pool liners, expandable pool liners, uni-bead pool liners, and beaded pool liners. Both overlap pool liners and uni-bead liners are easy to install. While overlap liners are the most affordable options, uni-bead liners are stylish, and there are no additional parts necessary for use.

For those pool owners that have a deep-end above the ground swimming pool, expandable pool liners are the best option. In actuality, these larger pool liners are merely tall overlap liners. They are built more significant to accommodate deeper swimming areas for up to 3 feet of additional depth. For a typical above the ground swimming pool, depth can be expanded up to 7 feet.

Beaded pool liners, often looked over for uni-bead pool liners. They operate with a bead track and just snap into the bead track or receiver along the top of the pool wall. Simple to install and use, these pool liners work only for above ground swimming pools – one primary advantage of this type of pool liner.

Regardless of the swimming pool liner that you choose, understand that picking a quality liner is going to reflect positively on extending the life and strength of your above ground swimming pool. From overlap pool liners to beaded liners, speak to a pool expert today so that you can choose an excellent pool liner to better the lives of your swimming pool.

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Jan. 17, 2018