Best Above Ground Pool Reviews

As our globe starts to heat up once again, the snow and ice will soon melt away. Many of us are more than ready for the sun’s warmth once again, and the long awaited warm weather will spark many outdoor activities. Family get-togethers, backyard BBQ’s or simply quiet relaxation all go great with a backyard swimming pool. This is why each year tens of thousands of above ground swimming pools​ are purchased and installed in backyards all across this country.​ ​Let’s briefly review the basic difference between type of above ground pools and rate them as we go. (more…)

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Mar. 16, 2014

The Best Pool Floor Pad – Armor Shield

Best Pool Floor Pad

The Best Pool Floor Pad – Armor Shield


It’s that time of year again when swimming pools all over the country are being cleaned up and prepared for summer time fun. Early Spring is a time when many above ground pools get their makeover. This often consists of a new swimming pool liner and accessories like pool cove, wall foam and even a new skimmer. But the one item that gets a lot of attention is pool floor pad.

What Is Pool Floor Pad?

Pool floor pad is simply a material that is placed on the ground under a pool liner to create a padding effect or protect the pool liner from puncture. This is done during the process of building the swimming pool or at the time of relining an existing above ground pool. This is never a bad idea and will keep your new pool liner safe from unwanted puncture. But pool floor padding can be made of different materials, some good and some very bad, so we will briefly discuss what to lookout for. (more…)

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Mar. 15, 2014

Prefab Or Pre Made Above Ground Pool Decks

It’s getting close to pool season once again for much of the country. Many of us are readying our pools for the warm summer months ahead while others are considering getting an above ground swimming pool for the first time. But one topic that comes up more now than in years past is above ground pool decks. We have covered the pre built decks in the past, but their popularity is growing and we should cover this topic once again.

Pre Made above ground pools decks are simply deck systems that have been engineered for use around an above ground swimming pool. Their generic nature allows them to be adapted to most any brand above ground pool. They are assembled and slid up next to the pool for a tidy fit. And thanks to their flexibility, these pre made pool decks work with practically any size above ground pool.

Are Prefab Pool Decks Safe?

These decks are well made and can support many people on them at one time. All deck models are heavy duty  and are constructed with a steel framework capable of supporting up to 1400lbs. on the larger models. Also all pre fab pool deck systems include both sets of steps. These are from ground to deck and from deck to water. They use steps not ladders for entering and exiting the pool water safely and easily, while the outside step incorporates a self closing latching gate for safety. Stylish handrail fencing around the entire deck and deck flooring is made from vinyl for superior weather resistance and great looks. (more…)

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Mar. 14, 2014

Draining And Cleaning A Green Above Ground Pool

Green Above Ground Pool

Green Above Ground Pool

How To Clean A Green Above Ground Pool


Spring is in the air, or at least in the minds of many swimming pool owners this time of year. Depending on where you live, getting your pool ready for spring opening may be as simple as removing the pool cover and letting the sun’s rays warm up the water. But for many others, our unprotected swimming pool is going to require a little more work to whip it into shape for the hot summer months ahead.

Most above ground pools turn green over the off season from of a lack of chlorine and if left all winter without a pool cover, piles of debris can accumulate on the pool’s bottom making spring clean up a chore. Sometimes this mess can be overwhelming and draining the pool to clean it up is the easiest path to recovery. This is OK as long as it is done correctly.

Draining An Above Ground Pool

Start by draining the above ground pool with a sump pump, siphon, or other means. Drain the water down leaving a foot or so of water in the pool. You could drain it down even lower but you must work fast as the sun will cause the pool liner shrink in as little as a day! Once the liner shrinks it will not stretch back again, resulting in it splitting or pulling down off the pool wall. If this occurs you will need to replace the pool liner and possibly some of the accessories like plastic coping or skimmer gaskets.
A good way to get a jump on this project is to drain the pool the night before. Having it empty or nearly empty in the morning will allow plenty of time to clean it up before the heat of the day begins to work on your vinyl pool liner. (more…)

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Mar. 11, 2014

Natural Swimming Pool In Thassos, Greece

Giola, the lagoon in the rock, is located near the village Astris on the Greek Island of Thassos. This incredible formation is often called the most beautiful natural swimming pool in the world. This pool get it’s water from the Aegean Sea as tide waters rise and splash against the shore, filling the pool with water. However, because the lagoon pool is separated from the sea by a rock wall, the water in the lagoon stays much warmer than the sea making Giola a warm and inviting place to swim.
Several mythical tales surround this natural wonder. According to Greek legend, the pool is the eye of Zeus, and he used it to spy on his mistress. According to another legend, Zeus created Giola for Aphrodite to bathe in, so Giola is also called “Aphrodite’s tear”. Finally, mythological Syrens who have attracted sailors with their beautiful singing, were believed to have resided here too.
Giola is somewhat remote and difficult to reach because of rocky terrain but visitors say the experience is well worth the trip. A definite must see if you ever find yourself on southeast side of this beautiful Greek Island. (more…)

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Feb. 24, 2014