Pool Slides And Above Ground Pool Slides

As you probably know, pool slides are a very popular addition to any backyard swimming pool. Who doesn’t like the the added thrill of sliding into the pool down a wild and twisting pool slide? In fact it seems that they are gaining in popularity each year. We get a lot of inquiries about pool slides, but one of the most frequent questions is whether they make pool slides for above ground pools.

Slide Design And The Modern Pool

Pool slides are nothing new, they have been around for many decades. But due to current designs in swimming pools, the pool slide has changed. Newly built swimming pools are typically not as deep older swimming pools. The shallower nature of the pool required pool slides to discharge a person out over the water’s surface, opposed to sending you down into the pool. By sending out over the water, the risk of serious injury is reduced. (more…)

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Feb. 23, 2014

Salt Systems For Swimming Pools

Salt water swimming pools have been around for decades, and many inground pool owners have reaped the benefits of salt water pools for some time now. Ease of maintaining proper sanitation levels and less time roaming pool stores for harsh chemicals are a few of the perks offered by salt systems. This market has enjoyed a rise in popularity since it’s introduction, as word spread of the benefits associated with salt water swimming pools. But it was the recent launch of salt systems for above ground swimming pools that has sent this market into overdrive. This all happened as manufacturers new and old scrambled to capture the newly emerging above ground salt pool market. (more…)

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Feb. 22, 2014

Using Sand Under An Above Ground Pool

Sand Base For Above Ground Pools


What to put under an above ground pool during installation is a very common question, and it seems what people ask about the most is sand. So we are going to discuss using sand as a base for your above ground pool, as well as other options.

Why Use Sand?

The reason you here most about sand for a pool base is likely because it is readily available most anywhere in the country. It is very common and can be found at home improvement stores and landscape supply depots. Sand is relatively cheap and if applied correctly can make for a very nice pool foundation. It isn’t always the best material but it sure can work wonders. (more…)

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Feb. 20, 2014

Resin And Hybrid Above Ground Pools

When shopping for an above ground swimming pool, you often hear of “resin” or “hybrid” pools. And if you are like most people these terms may be a bit confusing, so we are going to clear up what exactly these terms mean then discuss the pros and cons of resin. With this knowledge you can make an informed decision whether to investment in resin or hybrid pool for your next purchase. (more…)

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Feb. 19, 2014

Orlando Above Ground Pool Dealer

Orlando residents like many others are probably wondering where they can go view above ground pools. It may seem strange that pool stores do not have pools to see nor do they have them in stock to buy. Well a lot has changed in recent time including the way we shop for pool supplies. Just ten years ago Orlando and central Florida residents simply went down to the local above ground pool dealer to shop for a pool. Pool supply stores and large pool dealers like Rec Warehouse all had various models on display. You could see them, feel them with your own hands and dealers offered everything from cheap above ground pools to the more expensive hybrid resin pool models. (more…)

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Feb. 10, 2014