Using Sand Under An Above Ground Pool

Sand Base For Above Ground Pools


What to put under an above ground pool during installation is a very common question, and it seems what people ask about the most is sand. So we are going to discuss using sand as a base for your above ground pool, as well as other options.

Why Use Sand?

The reason you here most about sand for a pool base is likely because it is readily available most anywhere in the country. It is very common and can be found at home improvement stores and landscape supply depots. Sand is relatively cheap and if applied correctly can make for a very nice pool foundation. It isn’t always the best material but it sure can work wonders. (more…)

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Feb. 20, 2014

Resin And Hybrid Above Ground Pools

When shopping for an above ground swimming pool, you often hear of “resin” or “hybrid” pools. And if you are like most people these terms may be a bit confusing, so we are going to clear up what exactly these terms mean then discuss the pros and cons of resin. With this knowledge you can make an informed decision whether to investment in resin or hybrid pool for your next purchase. (more…)

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Feb. 19, 2014

Orlando Above Ground Pool Dealer

Orlando residents like many others are probably wondering where they can go view above ground pools. It may seem strange that pool stores do not have pools to see nor do they have them in stock to buy. Well a lot has changed in recent time including the way we shop for pool supplies. Just ten years ago Orlando and central Florida residents simply went down to the local above ground pool dealer to shop for a pool. Pool supply stores and large pool dealers like Rec Warehouse all had various models on display. You could see them, feel them with your own hands and dealers offered everything from cheap above ground pools to the more expensive hybrid resin pool models. (more…)

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Feb. 10, 2014

Coping Strips For Above Ground Pool Liners

After so many years of service, your swimming pool liner and coping strips in your above ground pool will need to be replaced. No one wants to do it but we often cannot avoid it. But doing this is usually better for your pool than leaving the old liner in too long. Pool liners can develop leaks that go undetected and harsh chlorinated water will leak against the pool sides, encouraging corrosion. This is the time to give your pool a tune up and ready it for another long round of service.

Getting Started

After removing your pool liner it is time to deal with any rust issues and access the need for replacement parts. We covered this in another blog in much greater detail so if you care to read more about pool rust repair just click here. Once you have determined your pool is in good shape it is time to get the right parts and put it back together. (more…)

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Feb. 7, 2014

Dogs And Above Ground Pools

There are many dog lovers among us pool owners. Our beloved pets are dear to our hearts and are treated just like family members. Dogs love to be around us and love to be outside when we are. When we play in the pool many dogs like to follow, which leads us to one of the most popular inquiries we receive. Can my dog go into my above ground pool?

The answer is maybe, as this really depends on the type of above ground pool you have, accessories that go with it and your dog. We are going to cover the best types of pools as well as preventative measures to reduce the risk of pet related damage.

Best Above Ground Pools

First up is the pool itself and the best above ground pools are hard side pools.  this style pool fares much better that soft sided or Intex type pools. Blow-up pool models tend to only last about a year even without pets entering the pool. This is primarily because of poor quality materials they are made from and bad design. The blow up ring around the top is very susceptible to puncture and is often damaged by racoons, squirrels and other critters that may climb up onto the pool uninvited. Their small and sharp claws have no trouble penetrating this soft thin material causing it to deflate. (more…)

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Feb. 6, 2014