Pool Decks For Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pools And Swimming Pool Decks

Every year tens of thousands of above ground pools end up in backyards all across this country. Most all serve the same purpose, to give people a reprieve from the heat and make great memories with friends and family. The investment in an above ground pool is a worthy one. At a cost of one tenth that of the in-ground counterpart, it is easy to understand the value here.

The swimming pool quickly becomes the centerpiece to any backyard as most of the summertime fun will center around it. This will call for alteration of the backyard to accommodate the new activities to follow. This is when the idea of a pool deck is born.

One of the most popular additions to any above ground pool is the pool deck. An area close to water that allows you to watch over the little ones as they play in the pool. This great add on also gives you somewhere to hangout, barbeque or just soak up the summer sun. The issue is whether to build a pool deck or purchase something pre made. They both have advantages and disadvantages. Follow along as we discuss both routes to a pool deck for the upcoming swim season.

Pre-Fab Pool Decks And Custom Built Decks

In recent years pre-fabricated pool decks has become a huge hit. Because they require little knowledge of deck construction and only require basic hand tools, these deck system can be assembled today and enjoyed tomorrow. Pre-manufactured above ground pool decks are constructed nicely of heavy gauge steel other composite materials. These decks are built well, designed to last and come in various sizes. Pre-Fab decks are also designed to work with most any above ground pool regardless of make or model. Another advantage of this type of above ground pool deck is resale. You would easily be able to recover a substantial amount of your investment if the deck was no longer needed. The prefab design makes it quite appealing to someone else in need of an easy solution to this age old problem.

Custom built decks are nothing new as they were around long before the prefab decks came out. The custom built pool deck has some advantages that the prefab models do not. The custom deck can be configured any way you wish. Because it is built specifically for your pool and your backyard, the deck design is totally up to you. In many cases I have seen custom built decks that rivaled the swimming pool itself for star of the show.

The downside to the custom built deck is most people to not have sufficient carpentry skills or tools to complete the job. This would likely require the hiring of a custom deck builder to complete. The cost of labor and proper outdoor decking materials can be over the top if you are not careful.


As you can see there are different ways to achieve your goal. Considering your family size, budget, skill set and actual needs may make this decision easier. Regardless of the direction you choose to go with your pool, any deck will add tons more enjoyment to your backyard getaway. After all, it’s all about being outdoors enjoying the great weather with friends and family.

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