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Pool Safety Covers

Pool safety covers are thee way to safely close your inground swimming pool. Nothing is more important than ensuring the safety of other people and pets around a swimming pool. In fact many cities and municipalities now require the use of a safety pool cover for all in ground pools. Besides the obvious safety advantages, the safety cover does a fantastic job of keeping out debris like leaves, twigs and other unwanted contaminants from entering the pool water. A safety cover also keeps out about 95%-98% of sunlight, greatly reducing the growth of algae. These covers also do not blow off or flap during winter storms thanks to their proven securing system. Sure they may cost more than the traditional “tarp” style pool cover, but there is no comparison in quality or safety.

We offer great pricing on all pool safety covers. Many common sizes in rectangle shape or “L” shapes or in stock and ready to ship today. Unique or custom shapes are no problem either. Send us your spec sheet and we can make it. For those who don’t have the specs can fill out this Custom Pool Cover Form and send us anyone’s sheet and we can give you a quote. And the big news for this year is that we will pick up you old tattered cover and make a brand new exact replica. This ensures a perfect fit every time. Build time for a custom safety pool cover is only 4-5 days. Below is a little info about the different types of safety pool covers and the advantages.

Solid Safety Pool Covers

Great for closing your swimming pool for the winter or extended periods of time. Children and pets cannot accidentally fall into the swimming pool if unattended. Held taut to the deck with anchors, solid safety pool covers do not allow water or melting snow to pass through like a mesh safety cover so no silt or fine debris enters the water. However, water puddles may develop on the safety covers surface, requiring a cover pump to remove the unwanted water. Solid Safety Pool Covers are available in multiple colors and standard sizes.

Mesh Safety Pool Covers

Like the solid safety pool cover, the mesh safety cover is designed to protect both people and animals from drowning. Mesh safety covers are designed for closing your swimming pool for the winter or extended periods of time. Unlike typical pool covers or solar pool covers, children and pets cannot accidentally fall into the swimming pool if unattended. No dangerous water puddles that develop on the safety cover so no cover pump is needed. Mesh safety pool covers keep debris like leaves or twigs from falling into the pool, while rain and melting snow drain through the mesh panels. The down side is that silt and very small debris will pass through the mesh cover’s fine material. Like the solid safety cover, Mesh Safety Pool Covers are also available in multiple colors and standard sizes.


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