Prefab Or Pre Made Above Ground Pool Decks

It’s getting close to pool season once again for much of the country. Many of us are readying our pools for the warm summer months ahead while others are considering getting an above ground swimming pool for the first time. But one topic that comes up more now than in years past is above ground pool decks. We have covered the pre built decks in the past, but their popularity is growing and we should cover this topic once again.

Pre Made above ground pools decks are simply deck systems that have been engineered for use around an above ground swimming pool. Their generic nature allows them to be adapted to most any brand above ground pool. They are assembled and slid up next to the pool for a tidy fit. And thanks to their flexibility, these pre made pool decks work with practically any size above ground pool.

Are Prefab Pool Decks Safe?

These decks are well made and can support many people on them at one time. All deck models are heavy duty  and are constructed with a steel framework capable of supporting up to 1400lbs. on the larger models. Also all pre fab pool deck systems include both sets of steps. These are from ground to deck and from deck to water. They use steps not ladders for entering and exiting the pool water safely and easily, while the outside step incorporates a self closing latching gate for safety. Stylish handrail fencing around the entire deck and deck flooring is made from vinyl for superior weather resistance and great looks.

Prefab Decks vs Home Made Pool Deck

There is no doubt above ground pool decks are a great addition to any backyard swimming pool. However, the prefabricated decks offered for above ground pools have been professionally engineered for safety. Their rock solid design and materials are built to last decades without issue. Best part is you need very few tools to assemble and enjoy your new pool deck in no time. And with the cost of building material these days, it would be hard for most DYI guys to match the price.

There are currently three sizes of¬†prefabricated decks available by Vinyl Works Canada. Sizes are 5×5, 5×10, 5×13. The 5×5 model can be placed most anywhere on any size or shaped pool. The 5×10 pool deck is for use on the straight sides of most any above ground pool. While the most popular 5×13.5 curved end deck is used along the curve of all round pools from 18 foot to 33 foot or the curved end of any oval shaped pool.

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