Salt Systems For Swimming Pools

Salt water swimming pools have been around for decades, and many inground pool owners have reaped the benefits of salt water pools for some time now. Ease of maintaining proper sanitation levels and less time roaming pool stores for harsh chemicals are a few of the perks offered by salt systems. This market has enjoyed a rise in popularity since it’s introduction, as word spread of the benefits associated with salt water swimming pools. But it was the recent launch of salt systems for above ground swimming pools that has sent this market into overdrive. This all happened as manufacturers new and old scrambled to capture the newly emerging above ground salt pool market.

Above Ground Salt Systems

Above ground pools out number inground pools by a margin of 2 to 1, making this a huge untapped market for salt water pool systems. It seemed a firestorm had erupted as makers began introducing new models with increasing frequency and huge fanfare. However the low price point for most above ground units meant build quality and key features were drastically compromised. These entry level above ground salt units have limited success with small pools, but could not keep up with the medium or large sized pools that held much larger volumes of water. These small salt generators could not produce enough chlorine to keep the larger pools from turning green, and the end result was poor customer satisfaction.

Better Salt Water Systems For Above Ground Pools

Although makers of these cheap salt systems continue to introduce new and sometimes improved versions of their salt units, makers of the more expensive inground systems have entered the ring offering versions of their own. These more expensive but relatively cheap salt systems for above ground pools are far better quality and do a wonderful job. These salt systems are basically in-ground units for smaller bodies of water. These units are simple in design and easy to install on most any quality above ground pool.
We do stock many salt systems for budgets of all sizes, but our best selling unit and the one we recommend for most customers is the Hayward Aqua Trol. This system can accommodate any pool inground or above ground up to 18,00 gallons of water. We have offered this system for over 5 years now without a single return. We also stock the larger version of this system called Hayward Aqua Rite, which is capable of supporting pools with up to 40,000 gallons of water.


For most people a salt pool offers easier maintenance and less harsh chemicals to deal with. For others it may be the financial savings that a salt water pool offers. One thing is for sureregardless of the type of swimming pool, these above mentioned benefits are only possible with the use of a quality salt system.

But even for the above ground crowd there is no denying a salt pool can be an added value in terms of entertainment per dollar. A quality American made pool will last for 20 years no problem, and with a good filtration system the pool maintenance will be minimal. To this add the price of a quality salt system, and you are still looking at a whole lot of fun for a very reasonable price. Nowadays there is no reason any pool owner should be saddled with high chemical and maintenance costs.

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