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Welcome Ocala!

This great Florida town is home to over nearly 60,000 residents and over 300,000 people in the Marion County metropolitan area. Ocala sees some of the hottest days in Florida. In fact, Ocala has more sunshine days than many coastal cities and temperatures exceed 90°F for months on end. With so many people and such a long hot summer swim season, having your own swimming pool can be a must. That’s why we offer above ground swimming pools and swimming pool packages for every income level.

Pools Above Ground started as a swimming pool business Central Florida nearly 30 years ago, installing above ground pools around Ocala and the National Forest area! Over these years a lot has changed, but enjoying a cool refreshing dip in the pool has never has. If fact more swimming pools being sold today than ever before!
Simply click “Products” at the top of the page to begin shopping or read on for expert advise on above ground pool shopping and pool installation tips. Or visit our blog for valuable pointers and ideas to make your swimming pool easier to manage and enjoy.

Tip: Swimming pool season is upon us and pool water chemistry can be tricky in Ocala. During these long hot summer months it is critical to stay on top of your swimming pool maintenance. Keep a close eye on Chlorine levels as Algae growth is rapid when the temperatures are high. Test your pool water at least once a week and clean the skimmer basket and trap regularly to ensure good water circulation.

Internet Pool Shopping

Definitely!! The idea of having a pool has never changed, the way we purchase them has. In years past you went down to the Ocala pool mega-mart and picked out the model that best suited your needs. The salesman then loaded it into your truck and home you went. Swimming pool mega-stores have left Ocala and all of Marion County. Huge overhead and high prices spelled disaster for pool giants like Rec Warehouse, while smaller pool stores had limited selections or lack of inventory. All of this changed the way we shop forever.

Fast forward to the modern age of shopping for swimming pools and pool supplies. People shop online now, purchasing everything imaginable from their computers or smart phones, while at home or on the road. No more driving around Ocala searching for hard to find items. In today world it’s about price, speed and selection.

Pools Above Ground offers a wide selection of swimming pool supplies at much lower prices than any pool store. Most items ship out same day and typically deliver within 3 days anywhere in Ocala. The internet has made pool shopping easy and fun.

Pool Shopping In Ocala

You can find many high quality pools available on the internet if you know what to look for. Knowing a little about the pools and the pool dealers that sell them will make sorting them out easy. Florida can be a harsh environment for any swimming pool to survive. In Ocala, Gainesville or anywhere across Central Florida, you can be up against high water tables, acidic soils, extreme temperatures and intense sunshine, so it pays to consider the environmental challenges you swimming pool may face. Seeing the long term effects of weather on these pools has allowed us to sort out the junk from the jewels and allow us to craft a pool package that is designed to last.
Please take a few minutes to read this informative “How To” blog on shopping for an above ground pool.

Ocala Above Ground Pool Installations

Having a new above ground swimming pool is money well spent. The great family memories created and the time spent relaxing in it on hot summer days makes it all worth it. This is definitely maximum fun per dollar.. All that is required of you is a few hours work to be rewarded with decades of family fun.

Most of you purchase a pool and dive right into the set up. In fact nearly 75% of all pools we sell are self installed. Many people have begun the process of installing their pool before it has arrived. But for a few of you around Ocala, Gainesville and the Silver Springs area, instaling an above ground pool may appear to be a daunting task. We are going to quickly discuss what is involved in the installation process so you may better figure your course of action to completing your new backyard oasis.

Installation of an above ground pool is divided into two phases. The first is ground preparation. A swimming pool must be constructed of a level surface, so your pool placement area must be as flat as possible. Because Ocala and most all of Florida is flat, this is usually just a matter of removing grass and leveling the earth slightly. Even if there is some digging involved, the Florida soil is soft and sandy making for an easy dig. This ground prep is the hardest task of building the pool because of the labor involved. Moving sod and dirt requires the use of a shovel, but a sod cutter or a small bobcat can make the job easier. If desired, these tools can be rented hourly at any equipment rental outlet throughout Ocala or Gainesville. Sometimes even Home Depot.

The second half of the installation is much easier but a few more tools are required for completion. From this point out, building the pool itself is much like a giant erector set. First leveling the framework with a simple carpenters level is all that is needed. The remainder of the installation is primary made up of screwing many smaller metal components together to complete the pool. A cordless drill will make this much easier.

The instruction manuals give a list of tools required for completion but I will say the they all consist of typical hand tools that most people have in their household tool box. I may be forgetting a few but they are a shovel, level, razor knife, duct tape, tube of silicone, pliers, tape measure, spray paint, hammer, screw drivers, cordless drill with various bits and a gallon of water for you to drink. Most above ground pools are installed during the hottest months of the year here in Ocala, so remember to stay cool, stay hydrated and take your time.

For the vast majority of do it your-selfers, installation is completed in only a day or weekend depending on pool size. But for some this may be too much to take on. If you do not wish to tackle this task, there are professional pool installers that can do this work for you and in much less time. If this sound like the path you wish to take, call our sales department for assistance in locating a pool installer in the greater Ocala or Marion County area.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you need any help with selecting a new pool or have any questions about any of our products please call. Remember to stay cool and have a great summer Ocala!!

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Great Selection, Low Pricing, Same Day Shipping and Doorstep Delivery make Pools Above Ground the #1 pool supply dealer in the greater Ocala area.

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