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Best Above Ground Pools

Best Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pools Ocala FL

Above Ground Pools are what we do, and Ocala FL knows Pools Above Ground. We started our swimming pool business in Ocala FL nearly 30 years ago, and we are still going strong today! Over this time we have seen a lot change, but the idea of taking a cool dip in your own pool has never faded. In fact more pools are being sold these days than ever before. That’s why we offer above ground swimming pools and pool supplies to suit every budget. Simply click the products button at the top to begin shopping or read our blog for valuable tips and ideas to make swimming pool shopping easier and more informative. Have a question? Call our above ground pool experts at: 866 534 9725

Best Above Ground Swimming Pools

Internet shopping is nothing new to Ocala FL residents. The idea of having an above ground pool never grows old, but the way we purchase them has changed. Today most large swimming pool dealers have closed, and many small shops have limited or no above ground pool selection. On top of that, the long wait when ordering a pool can be just too much to bare. These issues plus the introduction of the internet have changed swimming pool shopping forever. Gone are the days of poor selection and paying too much money for your new pool.
Welcome to the modern, better and less expensive age of shopping for above ground pools and pool supplies. Like most other items, the internet is the key to big savings, better products and speedy delivery. As swimming pool stores struggle to keep up with the speed and selection online shopping offers, they rarely can keep up with internet cheap pricing.
Pools Above Ground offers a wide selection of brand swimming pool supplies at low low prices. Most items ship out same day and typically deliver within 3 days anywhere in the USA. Internet pool shopping has become simple, fun and affordable.

Above Ground Pool Shopping

Finding a great deal on the internet for a quality above ground pool is easy if you know what to look for. Ocala FL area can be a very harsh environment for any above ground swimming pool to survive in. Tough elements like heavy rains, acidic soils, extreme heat and cold freezing weather take their toll on pools, especially cheap ones. Knowing something about above ground pools will make sorting the junk from the gems easy, and can help you make the best choice for your hard earned money.
Please take a few minutes to read this informative “How To” blog on shopping for an above ground pool. There is much valuable and helpful info in there. I believe it will help clear up many questions you may have about searching for your next swimming pool.

Above Ground Pool Installations In Ocala FL

Having a new above ground swimming pool for the family is money well spent. The great memories created in your own backyard makes it all worth it. An investment like this is definitely maximum fun per dollar. All that is required is a few hours work and you will be rewarded with decades of good times.
Many people wonder if they are capable of installing their own pool. Fact is most of you purchase a pool and dive right into the set up, and nearly 75% of all pools we sell are self installed. So the short answer is “yes you can.” To set your mind at ease we are going to discuss briefly what is involved in the installation process. Hopefully you will get a better understanding if this can be accomplished by you or if a professional pool installer is needed.
Installation of an above ground pool is divided into two phases. The first phase is ground preparation. A swimming pool must be constructed of a level surface, so your pool placement area must be as flat as possible. Because most desired pool locations are fairly flat, this is usually just a matter of removing grass and leveling the earth slightly. This part of the installation process is the most difficult because of the labor involved. Moving sod and dirt requires the use of a shovel, but a sod cutter or a small bobcat can make the job easier. If desired, these tools can be rented hourly at any equipment rental outlet throughout Ocala FL.

The second half of the above ground pool installation is much easier but a few more tools are required for completion. From this point out, building the pool itself is much like a giant erector set. First leveling the framework with a simple carpenters level is all that is needed. The remainder of the installation is primary made up of screwing many smaller metal components together to complete the pool. A cordless drill will make this much easier.
The instruction manuals give a list of tools required for completion but I will say the they all consist of typical hand tools that most people have in their household tool box. I may be forgetting a few but they are a shovel, level, razor knife, duct tape, tube of silicone, pliers, tape measure, spray paint, hammer, screw drivers, cordless drill with various bits and a gallon of water for you to drink. Most above ground pools are installed during the hottest months of the year here in Ocala FL, so remember to stay cool, stay hydrated and take your time.

For the DIY crowd, installation of most all above ground pools are completed in only a day or weekend depending on pool size. If this does not appeal to you, there are professional pool installers that can do a fantastic job and typically have your pool installation completed in a single day. If this sounds like a better way to go for you, simply call our sales department for help locating a pool installer or check Craigslist or other local directories in your area. Thanks for reading this info. If you need any help with selecting a new pool or have any questions about any of our products please call. Remember to stay cool and have a great summer Ocala FL!!

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