Which Type of Pool Cover is Best for Your Pool?

When it comes to your investment in an above ground pool, there is a lot more to it than swimming every day. There is routine maintenance that goes into taking care of an above ground pool, such as keeping leaves and bugs away, maintaining water quality, filter replacement, and more. Even when the colder months roll around, there is a critical piece of routine above ground pool maintenance that you need: a sturdy cover. Which types of pool covers are there, and which is best for your pool?

Safety Pool Cover

Safety pool covers are standard for their real purpose: preventing individuals from falling into a pool and drowning. These protective covers keep children who have wondered off safe around the pool area, as well as keeping unwanted guests out. A closed safety pool cover can be a flat tarp that stretches across the pool or a mesh cover. These closed safety covers do allow for the accumulation of snow and water, which takes time to remove before you can take off the cover.

Remember, using solid safety pool covers may very well save lives, so they are well-worth the investment. These sturdy pool covers must meet the standards for the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), so you can trust even mesh safety pool covers that may not look as sturdy as the brand would suggest. These mesh covers are much less work to set up, and snow will not accumulate.

Solar Pool Cover

To surely harness the power of the sun, choose solar covers to cover your pull during the off season. This kind of cover is the least expensive pool covers. It uses solar power to heat the pool as much as ten degrees naturally. Because many do heat their pool, this affordable above ground swimming pool cover pool cover can make that heating costs much easier to handle. It also keeps water and chemicals from evaporating, making this fun summertime activity a lot more affordable.

Winter Pool Covers

A winter pool cover is built to stand up to the elements honestly. This pool cover is typically held in place with a cable and winch system that anchors it to the pool. This cable is threaded through grommets in the cover. Winter pool covers are made to minimize water collection, as it has air pillows that float on the water below the cover itself. Mesh winter pool covers can create even less water collection, as the mesh material on the cover makes sure that water, not debris, can get through to the cover. A winter pool cover will prevent the build-up of waste, algae, and decrease the likelihood of having a frozen pool in April.

Leaf Nets

A leaf net is used with winter or solar above ground pool covers. This type of pool cover is made of open-weave, lightweight material, and water can go through while leaf nets catch leaves, insects, and other debris that may cause its way onto the pool cover. Not only does it protect the cover itself, but a leaf net also makes it easier to move the cover as it is not weighed down by leaves and debris.

It can be challenging to choose a pool cover right for both your pool and budget and fortunately, there are professionals in your area. Consult an expert, and even create custom pool covers if no conventional covers fit your investment.

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